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AdSense Templates - A Word Of Warning

Anyone working with Google AdSense is aware of the term "AdSense Templates". There are always offers online which target those who seek easier and quicker ways to accomplish Internet marketing tasks. These offers are especially targeted towards beginners who often are not aware of the ramifications of using such short-cuts.

AdSense templates are simply fabricated pages with AdSense code in place. The buyer of these templates simply has to edit the AdSense template's code with their own account information and add new content in the form of original text. Most of the templates look very nice and were created by professional site designers. On the surface, using templates seems like a no-brainer with respect to saving time.

However, there are issues with using such templates. As with other web templates, these AdSense templates still require the buyer to have the skills needed to edit, link together and upload the pages to a hosting account. Many beginners simply fail to understand that purchasing AdSense templates does not relieve them of the need for basic web design skills.

Usually what happens is the beginner will download the purchased templates, open an AdSense account, and then stare at the computer screen showing the attractive AdSense template. They then realize they do not have the slightest idea what to do next.

Adsense templates can also cause another, secondary problem. Yahoo is known to look at the code a page is created with. Yahoo is able to and does detect duplicate code with which sites are created (not just duplicate content). If a new site created with AdSense templates uses the same coding as a spammer's site (who purchased the same set of templates), that could be a problem!

Because anyone using these templates has to already have basic web design skills in order to build a site with them, it simply makes no sense to risk using purchased AdSense templates in order to save a small amount of time overall. Creating simple pages from scratch is the preferred method for building a simple, yet profitable AdSense business.

AdSense Keywords Secrets - Are There Any?

In my business I deal with many marketers who are just beginning to use Google AdSense. Many of them recognize the importance of choosing the perfect keywords for their niche sites; keywords will make or break the site with respect to traffic. There really are no "secrets" when it comes to choosing AdSense Keywords. Choosing a keyword simply involves finding keywords which are actually being searched for but do not have too much competition.

If there are not enough people searching for the chosen AdSense Keyword, then there will be little or no possibility of attracting traffic to the site. On the other hand, even if there are many searches done for an AdSense Keyword, it will be very difficult to rank well in the search engines if there are too many competing pages optimized for that keyword.

The AdSense entrepreneur must find those keywords that have enough traffic potential yet do not have tremendous amounts of competition. This is the real strategy required for succeeding with AdSense keywords.

I see many beginners going after markets far too large in comparison to their SEO skills. Ranking for keywords in those large niches requires much skill, time and sometimes even money. With respect to AdSense niches, I always tell beginners it is far better to choose keywords which offer them a chance at a small piece of a small pie than to risk trying Adsense keywords for large niches and then receiving nothing in return.

Probably one of the most important things I can teach a beginner is how to choose the correct AdSense keywords. If this part is not done correctly, everything else will simply be a wasted effort.

How To Maximize Your AdSense Income

First let's dispel the myth that AdSense is not Dead! Not by a long shot. As a matter of fact the opportunities are constantly expanding into more ways to gain a sizeable income by using Google's AdSense. AdSense by definition is a potential revenue tools, that you can incorporate into the blank or unused portions of your webpages and you just make money online with adsense .

google AdSense has proven to be the best in show, if you will, for several years running with regard to it's income capabilities with no purchased required by it's visitors. You see, the mere clicking on the ads by your visitors will generate income to you, for providing advertisers a window to display their ads. Google charges the advertisers for their ads, and then shares it's revenue with you the displayer of the advertisements. It's a win/win for both you and Google, plus the advertisers are getting a great means of displaying their ads.

Before we go any further, don't get any wild ideas that you can click on your own displayed ads on your webpages. This will get you banned in a New York second, and there is no way to ever participate in Google's AdSense Program ever again. Google has ways of tracking where you are geographically, by IP address, and by sign on from a remote pc, so if you think that you can undermine their ability to track you and what you may be doing to your ad space, you are sadly mistaken. Hopefully you have been adequately warned this is to good an opportunity to jeopardize it's potential for you.

Many of your friends or online acquaintances may not have fared well with Google's AdSense and that's to be expected if they have merely signed up for AdSense and plopped a few ads on their website. Anything worth doing is worth doing right and AdSense is no exception. Let's dig into what you need to know to reap larger more substantial financial rewards with AdSense.

The easiest way to understand what ad type and ad location on your webpages will produce the best return for your time and space, is to begin to think like a visitor to your website. Placing ads from AdSense should blend into your website's color theme. This gives your visitors the thinking that the ads were design as a part of your webpages.

Placing AdSense ads above the 'fold' means the top half of your webpage, before a visitor has the opportunity to scroll down the page. This is what we call, 'first impression'. Since Google automatically matches their ads to your website's content, you can move on to better placement and focus on the best spots on your website. If your visitors were already looking for bass fishing lures, as soon as they get to your webpage, give them a good dose of bass fishing lure ads.

Deciding on type ads or image ads can be a tough call to make, but this depends a great deal on your website's subject matter, so do some testing with text ads and image ads. We recommend running text and image ads separately and then choose the format you get the best return for.

Location, location, location is a true online as it is in the real world of real estate. The time you invest in your AdSense ads is as critical as anything done right. So above the fold ads work best and the other factors include not placing too many ads on one page. When it comes to AdSense ads, less is definitely better. You will receive much more expensive and quality links appearing on your pages, if you run fewer ads than the maximum number of ads.

Choosing top paying ad subjects, is also a key factor in maximizing your ad revenue potential, again, do your homework and you'll do better with your income. Keep in mind that a known, high paying keyword , doesn't always produce the best income results. If you do a little homework and discover other subjects may pay less per click but more in volume.

Diversifying your webpage topics can also boost your website's income. There is no better way to boost your AdSense income than to diversify by creating webpages with different topics. For example; some days more people will be more prone to search for different subject matter than they did the day before or the day after. This allows you to have more revenue avenues than you may already have and by keeping up with current events makes it a sweeter income total from your AdSense revenue.

Website traffic is the true bottomline to your AdSense income, the more traffic you generate, the more income with adsense. In order to honestly boost your website traffic, you need to give into writing articles. I know this is a dreaded task, but to stay fresh and current you need to do this in order to drive targeted traffic to your webpages. If writing is not your cup of tea or you get brain lock, as can often happen, you can hire a ghost writer for your content or just re-write a similar article you've written in a different wording. Please do not plagiarize someone else's articles, this will cause you more harm than not eventually.

Lastly, where to get the best response to your articles. There are many article directories, but the ones I've found to do the best is and It usually takes a full day to get your articles published due to their overwhelming use by writers, but if it works, that's where the smart writers will go. One final tools for traffic is at, there you can merely type up a small ad for your wares and get two things going for you at one time. You can get traffic you are after and an outside link to your site that usually carries a high PR rated link back to your site.
you must be smart to make money online with adsense.
not be hard working but working smart do get big adsene revenue.

AdSense - Sense Or Nonsense

The internet is filled with affiliate marketing opportunities and possibilities to make money online. What can be difficult is deciphering the scams from the true opportunities. One of the many possibilities people have to make money online is with AdSense. But is AdSense worth it or is it just nonsense for entrepreneurs to look into?

There are a number of advantages to the AdSense opportunity online. It is an incredibly easy way to make money online if you know what you are doing. The mistake many people make is thinking it is easier than it really is. Too many people's surprise, there is still some work and strategy behind making money with this opportunity.

One of the best things about this affiliate marketing opportunity is that it is really cheap to start and you can start whenever you choose to. Thanks to Google, there is no start up costs at all and no other costs involved to get going. The only costs you may face are advertising costs to promote the links on your site.

There is no limited time to join of any sort. You can join whenever you feel like getting started. At the same time, there is no lifetime contract that forces you to stick with the program for a particular period of time. If you are not enjoying the program, you can quit whenever you choose to.

Another benefit to this affiliate marketing home business is how easy it is to use and set up. You can quickly get Google links set up on your site and be on your way to earning money off of clicks. However, you would be surprised at how much of a difference it can make on where you place the ads and what types of font and color you use. This is where research comes in handy that most people overlook.

What people do not understand is that there is a lot of research involved to truly have success with AdSense. While it does not require any kind of training, it is wise to take the time and learn about how to truly generate clicks. After all, without clicks you are not going to be making a penny.

Lastly, you must have patience with AdSense. While you can certainly make money off of this opportunity, it is not a get rich quick type of deal. It takes time to truly build up an income. But as long as you give it time, you can quickly generate a high income based on the amount of traffic you have coming to your affiliate marketing home business.

So is AdSense sense or nonsense? The answer is it makes sense if you know what you are doing and are willing to take the time to learn. Even though it is extremely easy to set up, it is up to you to learn the different strategies behind getting clicks. The smallest little detail like where to place the ads can make a difference.

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Make $150,000 A Year Cashing In On AdSense Websites

You may have gone from website to website and before leaving a page clicked on one of the links to an ad that interested you. The action seems pretty simple, so what's all the fuss over a few simple ad clicks? You've just made someone a little more money. AdSense along with its cousin AdWords have revolutionized the Internet for small internet marketers.

What can you do with $150,000 a year working from home? How have many of the Internet professionals make a great living with AdSense? They use the tried and true strategy of volume.

The vast majority of AdSense subscribers never make a dollar. There is a way to make passive income but it's work. It's a full time job to make $400.00 a day using websites to make money.

To get the right amount of clicks to earn money, you need to have thousands of visitors each day. What successful AdSense subscribers do is drive a ton of relevant traffic to their websites. The best AdSense strategy we've seen so far is to create a series of websites that focus on highly popular search terms; for example food.

You create a website that runs a series of articles on food. You then create nine associated websites around the food theme and link them together. You might have a Middle Eastern food website, Low Fat , Cajun, Low Carb, Diabetic, Gluten Free, ect.,

You create a series of articles; some instances of AdSense spots and put a series of products and books on each site. Now you have a great resource. Be sure to build original content on each of these websites and include each page with AdSense ads.

You now have the task of driving traffic to the websites. You will also drive traffic to each website by placing links, banners and buttons on the corresponding websites.

One very important factor that can affect your revenue is the ads, the number of ads, the ad placement, the ad color, whether the ads blend in with your site, whether they have borders, as well as the relevance of the ads to your subject matter. The best ads look as close to the copy as possible. Keep that in mind when selecting the look and feel of your sites.

Now for the bad news; the most important thing to consider after you've worked through any AdSense issues is targeted traffic. It always seems to come back to marketing.

The rules the same everywhere if you don't have people asking for your information, you won't get them in; if you don't get them in; you can't sell them anything.

You won't have much revenue. At least, if you have a good amount of traffic to your site, the chances are very good that you'll have more folks clicking on your ads.

The objective of the first campaign is to get traffic to the websites. Use articles, Google AdWords, link exchange, ezines, lists and blogs to drive traffic to your pages. My new book 'Double My Revenues In 12 Months or Less" has even more information on AdWords.

The key to gaining great returns is to build and maintain thousands of pages on high traffic sites. Work on getting original material on your websites or videos. Blogs are fine but tend to make less than traditional websites. There is also the factor of having hundreds of pages on your websites The more content the better. Keep it relevant. You can make $400.00 a day with AdSense, you will have to work for it.

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How To Increase Your AdSense Click Through Rate

Many people want to now how to increase your AdSense click through rate. An increase in you AdSense click through rate can mean a lot more money in your pocket. many things effect your click through rate like ad placement, color scheme, and relevancy. When these things are put together, you will increase your AdSense click through rate almost instantly!

Optimizing your ad placement will increase your google AdSense click through rate very quickly. The best places to put ads is the very top of your web page and on the right hand side. This is were people look first when they visit a web page. You do not want to fill this area with ads but you want to have a few up there. If you have relevant ads, then you will get click regardless of how many ads you have. AdSense ads at the bottom of the web page very seldom get clicked. Getting rid of those ads and directing attention to your other ads will increase you AdSense click through rate when you make money online with adsense.

The color scheme of your web page can effect you click through rate as well. I see websites all the time that have a blue or black background and have bright white AdSense ads. This is not a good example of a good color scheme. You want the background and border of your ads to match the background of your web page. This will make your ads seem like regular links and less like ads. Fixing your color scheme will increase your AdSense click through rate.

The more relevant your ads are, the more clicks you will get. If you make a website about race cars, but talk about fishing in one paragraph, then you will get irrelevant ads about fishing. These ads will not be clicked because people are on your site to learn about race cars. Make sure you do not stray off topic. Highly relevant ads make more per click so you need them anyway.

A fine tuned website will increase your AdSense click through rate quickly. That means more money for you. It may take a little experimentation because no two web pages are alike. Make sure you never do the same thing every time. If you do not try new things with your web pages, you will never increase your AdSense click through rate by very much.

that's some tips to increase you adsense revenue with increasing adsense click through rate

AdSense Content Relevancy

If they see advertisements directly related to those content desires, they are far more likely to click on the ads than if they encounter only tangentially related material or, in a worst case scenario, ads that are not even related to their interests. As such, it is in your best interests to make sure your site displays relevant ads.

Here are few tips for improving your content relevancy to produce more accurately targeted contextual advertising from AdSense :

FIRST THINGS FIRST. Before you even begin to use AdSense as a monetization tool, make sure there are relevant ads for your site or pages. In most cases, you will have determined this long before you even embarked on site design or content development. However, if you are thinking of adding AdSense to an existing site built with other monetization strategies originally in mind, you may not have bothered checking to see if other advertisers were going after that particular market. Be sure you are addressing a topic for which ads exist in sufficient quantity. If related advertising is sparse, it will difficult to avoid irrelevant ads.

KEYWORDS MATTER. You do not want content that is overstuffed with particular keywords to point of destroying readability and value, but you do want to make sure your materials make liberal use of on-topic keywords likely to spawn the most relevant possible ads. Experts maintain that using keywords with your titles and H1 tags is an excellent way to assist in getting the most relevant possible ads. This has added advantages in terms of search engine optimization, as well.

METATAGS. Once upon a time, metatags were a critical aspect of search engine optimization in general. Although the engines rely upon metatags far less than they once did, there is some evidence to suggest that using ad-triggering keywords in your pages meta-tags may increase the relevance of the advertisements displayed. This strategy may help, and it certainly cannot hurt.

LOOK FOR LACKLUSTER CONTENT. Many sites to a great job of supplying content related to particular themes or keywords in the main portion of a page, but have sidebars, headers and footers filled with less targeted terms and material. Take a long look at your navigational elements and other side of the page text and remove keyword terminology that may be leading to irrelevant ad service. Alternatively, you can use AdSense's section targeting tool to remove those areas from AdSense's consideration completely, so long as you do not plan to display ad blocks or ad link units in those areas.

TIGHT THEMING. You want to keep content tightly themed. That means you do not want to feature long, rambling articles that cover multiple topics. Instead, rely upon materials that address singular issues. You also do not want to feature multiple chunks of content on disparate matters on the same page for that very same reason. The value of tight theming may extend past individual pages. Many publishers argue that AdSense tends to reward tightly-themed overall sites with more relevant ads, as well. Even though this aspect of theming is not as well researched and proven, it makes sense to follow the practice, because of the search engine optimization advantages of having a focused site.

BLOCK THE BAD ADS. Monitor your site regularly and take note when irrelevant ads appear. Then, take the time to add them to your blacklist for the site. Google does give you the ability to block individual ads via the Competitive Ad Filter. If you block out commonly served irrelevant ads, you may improve your chances of featuring more ads upon which your visitors will actually click.

The more contextually relevant the ads appearing on your site are, the more clicks you can expect to see. As such, it is important to make an effort to use a combination of proven SEO methods that also work well with AdSense and some program-specific maneuvers to secure the best possible ads on your site.

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4 Ways To Improve Your Google AdSense Earnings

If you as a webmaster have the desire to make money from your website, then you should check out Google AdSense. There are several webmasters having a difficult time trying to make money with Google AdSense. On the other hand many people are making hundreds of dollars a day from Google AdSense. What makes these webmasters different from the ones that are not making money is that they have taking the time to learn what has worked and not worked for them to make money with the Google AdSense program.Below are 4 tips that have worked well for me as well as others.

1. Focus on one format of AdSense ad.

I have found that the Large Rectangle (336X280) has worked best for me. I am not exactly sure why, but this seems to be the one that performs the best and has the highest click-through-rates (CTR) for most people. Why select this format out of the several you are able to use? That's easy to answer, it's because the advertisements will appear as if they are typical website links, and since they don't look like ads, people click on your ads.

2. Create a custom-made palette for your ads.

Choose colors that will blend in with the background of your website. If your site has a white background, then you should use white for the color of the border as well as the background. The idea is to blend the colors to make the ads seem like they are a part of your website. Remember, This will result in a lot more people clicking your ads, which in turn will earn you even more money from your ads.

3. Do not try to hide your AdSense

You should not place your AdSense ads near or at the bottom of your website. Place them at the top and in the middle of your site. The idea is to put your ads where people can see them. If you website visitors don't see the ads, then you will not generate any clicks, which means you won't make any money off of your ads. The location of your ads is one of the reasons why you are not making any money.

4. Try to automate the insertion of your AdSense code into your web pages using SSI (or server side included).

I have not tried this yet, but I have heard from people that did this, that they started getting more clicks from their Google ads. You will need to check with your host or server and ask if they support SSI or not. Next you need save your AdSense code in a text file, save it as "AdSense text", and upload it to the root directory of your website. Then using SSI, call the code on other pages.

How To Maximize Your AdSense Income

There are so many different ways that you can make money on the Internet but some of them take more effort than others. For example, you can join an affiliate program and drive traffic to that program in order to make sales. A single sale from a decent paying affiliate program can put $15-$30 in your pocket or more. The difficult part about using an affiliate program is the fact that you're going to have to convince these individuals that it is something that they absolutely cannot live without. Many people forgot the difficulties of selling through an affiliate program and simply use Google AdSense.

This particular Google program is not only good for those who want to look for long-term income from links, it also works very well for individuals who are just starting out in their Internet marketing efforts. Many of them are surprised to see the number of individuals that click on their links and deposit change into their AdSense account. For others, however, they may struggle even to get a single click. What makes the difference between these two different people in that one does well and the other one doesn't? As they say, it's all in the presentation.

There are several different ways that you can maximize your AdSense income. One of the easiest ways is by positioning it properly and making sure that it looks well on your website. The most common AdSense ad that works very well is the large rectangle. Use this exclusively on your article pages and make it blend into the page as if it were just common links. You do this by using the same background color on the ad that is on your page. Make sure that you leave the links below and insert it at the right spot and you will see a dramatic increase in your clicks and your income.

Positioning the ad on your site is also very important. You can't expect somebody to click on an ad that is in some obscure corner of your page. If you really want to maximize your AdSense income, put it above the fold so that they don't have to scroll down in order to see the links. By using a combination of the large rectangle that blends in with your page and putting it at the very top, you would be surprised at the number of clicks that you can actually get. I have some pages that regularly get over 50% click through rate by using these methods.

So, if you have a new webpage or an established one and you want to earn a little bit of extra money, Google AdSense can certainly help you in this regard. Not only can they put some money in your pocket, they may be able to earn you enough to make it a full-time income. Knowing the secrets about positioning and type of Google AdSense ads, however, is the first step in becoming successful.

What is AdSense and How Do I Make The Most of It?

google adsenseWhat Is google adsense? It is a program in which website owners can use programs within Google and Yahoo to enable text, video ads, and banners on their sites. Google or Yahoo receive revenue by impression basis pay per clicks or cost per action based services. AdSense is a good advertising platform for smaller sites with relatively little resources for sales programs but should not be overlooked by others. adsense website earn money

How Does AdSense Work?

The webmaster inserts Java Script code into a web page. This is used to place ads onto the page.When a page with an AdSense tag is visited Java Script creates an iframe and sets its "src" attribute to the pages' URL.

For advertisements that are contextual in manners Google servers use a cache of the page. Then they determine a set of high value keywords. If these keywords have already been cached the advertisement that is used for the keywords, is based upon the AdWords bidding system.

For site targeted ad sites the advertiser chooses which pages or pages, to display advertisements on. They pay per impression or per what the advertisers choose to pay.

For search ads they are added to the list of results after a user searches the site within the search box. Revenue made is shared between Google and the website owner. The advertisement must be clicked on.

Mobile Content is a way for the publisher to generate earnings from their mobile WebPages using targeted Google ads. Google matches ads to the content of your mobile website.

However this was just recently posted several places and should be read in its entirety:

XHTML Compatibility

HTML code for the AdSense search box does not validate as XHTML, and does not follow modern principles of website design:

• non-standard closing tags such as and
• the boolean (minimized) attribute checked rather than checked="checked"
• presentational attributes other than id, class, or style, such as bgcolor and align
• a table structure used for purely presentational (non-tabular) purposes
• the font tag

There has been found a way around this by creating a normal html site containing only the AdSense ads units and then importing then into the xhtml document with an object tag.

For referrals Google will add money to an advertisers account when a visitor downloads a referred service or product.

According to the Google AdSense Articles found at:,You should follow the steps bellow to generate more revenue:

Visit the AdSense Setup tab and choosing Referrals as the product.

Tips for successful referrals for non-Google products:

• Choose sub-categories for better targeting. When using non-Google referrals, you can more narrowly control the ads that display on your site by selecting sub-categories. For example, if you have a website about car loans, simply select the sub-category "Auto Financing" to receive ads related to that topic. Selecting sub-categories improves your ad targeting and can also increase your referrals earnings.

• Designate back-up ads for your ad slots. Even if you know which ad you'd like to display on your site, it's always best to have other ads to display if that specific ad becomes unavailable. By adding categories or keywords to your ad shopping cart, you can be sure that relevant ads will always show on your site, though Google will always display your specific ad choice when available.

• Try displaying only image-based ads. With our revamped referral units, you can opt to show only image ads. For some publishers, image ads match the look and feel of their sites better than text ads. Choosing to show just image-based ads does limit your available ad inventory, but you may prefer its aesthetic appeal on your pages.


New to Google AdSense's is a report to track the link URL's separately from other AdSense, for content units. These statistics show click throughs and per link CTR.

To view these report go the the Reports Tab.

Select AdSense for Content

Choose URL's

The Combined Report will look like what you have been use to seeing (is you already use AdSense), as far as content reports.

Choose Add Reports of Link Units for more clarity into reports.

Google is not the only one with AdSense. Yahoo also does.


Development begins with content that is of value thus attracting AdSense ads which in turn payout the most when clicked upon.

Using traffic techniques that generate many different responses that are not just limited to advertising online is all part of development.

Remember to use sponsored links and advertisement phrases on the website to encourage the visitor to click on the advertisements.

To Maximize Your Profits

Always begin by:

Writing proficiently

Keep on topic

Show Your Knowledge on the subject

In positioning the ad:

When users are focusing on a particular article they are reading it is better to place the ad at the bottom of the page.

You must think about the content and how the reader will react to a particular page. In some instances, an advertisement above the fold is better and in turn receives more hits. These are those that are near rich context and navigational aids.

Keep in mind that dark orange overall gives the strongest performance while light yellow gives the weakest performance. You need to blend your colors though with the background of your article or blog, with the ad. Use bold borders around the advertisement.

Take your advertisement and customize it to resemble your website. This brings a flow between your ads and your website.

Many top marketers have found that the large rectangle format for ads get more clicks.Last, but certainly not least, put your keywords in your title of your blog.

Google™ and AdSense™ are trademarks of Google, is not connected in any way with Google, Inc. or any of its registered trademarks or servicemarks.
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