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Tips to Increase Your AdSense Revenue

Google AdSense is the hottest buzz word among the webmasters. Placing AdSense ads is the best way to monetize your website. Your website performs its essential task of providing information or selling a product. By just adding a few lines of code in your website, you can make them earn some passive revenue. If your website sells something then you will get money from the sales. Will you deny the money paid to you when somebody clicks on ads? Certainly not!

Google pays the webmasters for sending visitors to their advertiser's website. When you register with Google, you will be provided with a JavaScript code which displays ads. You need no more work on your part to generate revenue. When your website visitor clicks on ads in your page they will be taken to the advertiser's page and you will be paid for those clicks. When you have more clicks from your visitors you will make a big click through rate (CTR) and hence more money.

Putting it straight, to generate money out of AdSense you need to make the visitors click on the ads. Viewers are always in search of information and hence they will click ads when they are convincing. These are many gurus who are already receiving hundreds of dollars from Google per day out of AdSense.

There are different formats of AdSense ads and Google provides you the freedom to choose the one you want. The most popular revenue generating format is the Large Rectangle (336X280). This format gives a look that these links are actually links in your website. They look so natural and if the ads are relevant you are sure to generate clicks using this format.

Match the color of google AdSense ads with the color theme of your website. Google ads appear in blocks and you have to match the background color of the block with the background of your website. Also you can change the color of the links and the text to match the color of the content of your website. This pattern blends well with your website and gives a comfortable feel for the visitors. They will not know that they are actually clicking on ads.

The location of AdSense ads is also important for generating revenue. The ads must be visible for the viewer. Don't place AdSense ads at the bottom of your webpage. You can place it on the top or in the side bar. One good place is to place the ads between the contents of your website so that they get attraction from the visitor. You can place up to 3 ad blocks on your page and it is generally advised to place at least 2 blocks of ads.

Place ads on all pages in your website and maintain links to associated websites. You can place your ads on the top of others' ads to gain attraction from the users. You can also insert AdSense ads automatically to your website using SSI. If your server supports SSI then you can store the JavaScript AdSense code in AdSense.txt and call this file using SSI. This will save loading time and if you use automatic page generators then this will be of great help.

AdSense has generated many thousands of dollars for many people. At the same time there are many people who are struggling to make a few dollars pre day. Your revenue mainly depends on the theme of your website and the number of visitors visiting your site. If your main keywords are demanded by many advertisers then you may get more money per click.

You have to place relevant ads on your site to increase the CTR. Always remember to give your visitors something of value. Then only they will navigate your website and click ads on their path.

Don't design a website for placing AdSense ads. Design a website that explains your interest and provides some information for those who also have the same interest. Then place AdSense ads and you will be getting the expected clicks. AdSense is an ocean. Some are sailing safely while some are struggling. The above tips are just guidelines that have aided gurus to make money with AdSense. If these tips have worked for them, then there is nothing wrong in using them.

AdSense Discoveries

I want to talk about how to, and how not to implement Google ad sense on content sites. One thing is very important to understand; there doesn't exist an ad sense site that is perfect. Even the very best AdSense sites are constantly reviewed and changed. Stats are checked looking for improvement and also Google is changing their algorithms and introducing new policies all the time.

When you use AdSense it is very important to use different strategies with it. When you visit a site with AdSense take a look at it carefully and look for something that you can learn from it. How are ads placed, is the content correct and matching the ads, is he using high-paying keywords, is the page well optimized and you can even Google the page by keywords and see how well that page is ranking.

When placing your ads, think about color. If you have a blue header or you have a blue banner at the top of your page, put your ads immediately below the banner and make them the same color as your banner so that perfectly blend in. Don't overdo your absence, it's not so important to have 10 units on your site then to have two or three which are well placed and strategically work the best. Case studies have shown that a good place for your ads are at the top underneath the banner but don't make them stand out too much. Better to have them look like they are not ads, because people don't want to click on ads they want to find what they're looking for, and if it's an advertisement, people are running away from obvious advertisements because they are so used to them in television and on the Internet everywhere. So don't make your ads stand out so that they scream "I'm an ad", because people won't click on them. You're much better off merging your ads into your page design so that they look like important links among your content.

The benefits of placing the ad on top of the page beneath the banner are obvious. If you have a blog and people come to see your new content, they will read the headline and the newest headline is on the top of the page, which means they can't miss your ads, and if your ad blends well into the page, it is probably going to get a high click through rate. It's also very important to make the background color of your ad units the same as your pages background color, remember they have to blend in, not stand out, and it is very important.

If you run a blog that changes topic frequently your ads are most probably not going to be well targeted. If you on the other hand run a website with consistent content, your ads are going to be spot on. Of course it is very important that your ads are content related because if they are not, and people are not going to click on them. Your visitors searched for something over the internet and found your page, and if you're your ads content matches your pages content they're' likely to click on your ads.

Many web-based companies have done research how people look at webpage's. This research has shown where visitors eyes focus on web pages. They have come to a conclusion that it's not beneficial to put your ads on the left side of your page, because people are used to see a menu on the left side, and only look back there if they want to navigate inside your page.

It is also a good idea to have your content and your AdSense ads alternating, this works well with good and interesting content like a story, that people wants to follow, then suddenly there is an ad that blends perfectly into the rest of the page, and then the story continues, and then there is another ad. Again it's important not to overdo it. This is a very good way to get good click through rates. A very nice idea is also to incorporate the ad units in the text in a way that the text wraps around the ads. This strategy is commonly seen on many webpages and works also very well. This way also the ads are going to be on natural places and among the content, so that your readers don't have to search or reach for ads.

I hope these few suggestions help you and keep testing and finding what works best for your site.

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