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3 simple tips to boost your adsense

google adsense has become the idol of the webmaster to make money online, there are aton of website that used adsense to make extra income from the internet. and many of them have been made hundreds even thousands of dollars per days. for some of them adsense is the only means of income online.and google adsense affiliate is best choice for beginer to make money online. but beside this there is a simple way to make money online

now wheter you are new to adsense or expert you are with it, you should still ponder question may have


For those of you that are earning revenue from AdSense, you probably want to know how to increase your earnings.

This is Some Tips to Earning more with your adsense

1. ensure that our website is focused on 1 discussion with the topic niche market, each page contain 1 of topic keywords so that the adsense ads appear in accordance with our discussion topic and make it a higher value

2. make some free blogs to support your main website. means is that you can create multiple blogs and blog visitor switch to your main website will enhance the visitor will increase your click. more click more money. to put ad is the key to success
the right ad format, ad placements that fit with our pages, we make a page look better, to much ads make excessive with visitor and too few ads that visitors will not click because they do not see.


indianseo said...

Search Engine Optimizers

SEO is an abbreviation for "search engine optimizer" or “Search Engine Optimization”.

SEOs provide useful services for websites and for website owners,

SEO can do:

Writing content for the website
Giving advice on site architecture
Finding relevant directories to which a site can be submitted
(to make it reachable to more and more...)

Finally, SEO should bring relevant visitors to your website

Overall, "to make a website relevant and useful for one or many topics"
This is what I feel.

Please make a not that manipulating search engine results is not the work of SEO this is unfair and very ugly.

No search engine has got any relationship with any SEO company and they are 100% independent of their own. All the search engines have their own method for displaying search results for a given search term.

All search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN wants to display search result very appropriate for the user.

So what they do?
They have index of millions of WebPages, it means they are aware of so many WebPages and they have their method to rank them for a given keyword.

They know which page out of all is most important and relevant for a given keyword. But who will make a decision? “The Formula” it can be like


he he . who knows?? :)

In simple what we can understand is there are two important points.
1. Your website and - (Content of your website)
2. Other websites - (Other websites)

Your website:
That can be done in any language or on any platform for a purpose.

So, your purpose to create a website is very much important. Your website must full fill that purpose. If your website is solving the purpose of its existence then of course it is a relevant website for that topic or keyword and it should be reachable to maximum people who are in search on that.

For example: An e-commerce website. Web site is supposed to sell cloth items. How this website will become a relevant website for search term “Buy a Dress Online”

Website should have to sell something called Dress, is not it?
Website should have enough information on Dress.

If the website has enough content for selling dress online, then for sure is relevant for search phrase “Buy Dress Online”

SEOs (search engine optimizer) says this "on page optimization"

What they do here? Once I have enough content that’s all, why they need to do anything?

Yes!! here the SEO will help you in presenting your website to search engines. They will highlight those words, keywords which is important for your website.

How they will do that?

Search engines are not human being. They read text on your website. For example by reading a text in bold you will know, this is something more important then normal text.

SEO knows which text to place and where to place and how.

That is all about on page optimization.

Now we can see, what they know and we don’t.
even we should know…

Keyword in URL
First word is best, second is better, like Indian-SEO it says first Indian then SEO

Keyword in domain name
Same as in

Keyword in title tag
Keyword in Title tag - in beginning
Title tag 10 - 60 characters, no special character like “<>(){}&*%#@”

Keyword in H1, H2 and H3
Use H1 font style – very important

Keyword in description meta tag
Talk about your theme, less than 200 chars is ok.

Keyword in keyword metatag
Every word in this tag MUST appear somewhere in the body.
If not, it is irrelevance and not good

Keyword density in body text
5 - 20% - (all keywords/ total words)

Individual keyword density
1 - 6% - (each keyword/ total words)

Keyword font size
In strong, bold, italic, etc.

Keyword proximity for 2 or more keywords
More adjacent is better

Keyword phrase order
Order in the page should match order in the search query?
Better you anticipate query – better your chances are.

Keyword prominence
Most important at top of page, in bold, in large font

Keyword in alt text
Should describe graphic - Do not fill with spam

Domain Name Class
.edu - seem to be given the highest status
.org - sites seem to be given high status
.com – normal

File Size
Do not exceed 100K page size.
Search engines preferred <40K

URL length
You should keep it minimized - use less than the 2,000 characters allowed by IE - less than 100 is good

Site Size – Search engines likes big sites
Larger sites are presumed to be better funded, better organized, better constructed, and therefore better sites.

Site Age
Old is gold.

Now we can talk about the other part Other Websites
How old they are?
How many pages they have?
What all they are doing?
How many friend they have got?

Yes, we should know all these things. we will talk about this next time.
I will write that part soon...

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Bangalore India based web development and SEO Service provider and Hosting company Indian SEO

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