Monday, April 28, 2008

Crack the Google Adwords Formula Before You Spend Dime One

As a marketing manager who's working from a limited budget, it's imperative to husband your resources when advertising on the search engines. A poorly designed or inadequately maintained Google AdWords campaign can drain precious dollars, eat up your time and resources, and even injure your online brand.

Here are easy to implement ideas which can radically improve your AdWords ROI:

Test your ads - many times over! The idea that you can pick your "optimal" keywords at random is ridiculous. The mathematics of ad utility are non-linear: that is, you can't predict efficacy beyond a very limited horizon. Beta testing your ads is your way out. You can use what are known as A/B split tests to compare click-through rates for similar ads. You can also employ "affiliate tracking" to measure conversion data with precision.

Even after you've found keywords which yield a good ROI, don't get lazy! The AdWords battlefield is constantly changing, with new competitors moving in and old warhorses getting mowed down: you must stay on top of your numbers and adapt to ensure a thriving campaign.

You can target precise phrases using the square bracket function to narrow your focus. (For example, if you sell Arizona foreclosures, you might bracket the keyphrase [buy AZ foreclosure real estate]. Thus, only when someone types in that exact sequence of words will your ad pop up. This will help you in two ways:

1) it will reduce your "non-action" leads - these cost you money and earn you nothing.

2) it will sidestep toe-to-toe battles against the big dogs in areas where you're non-competitive.

Choose off-kilter and emotionally charged words in your ad copy. You only have a VERY BRIEF moment to make an impression. You MUST bust out by surprising your audience. Take a page from Chip and Dan Heath, authors of "Made to Stick." Aim for simple unexpected ads that provide concrete and credible claims. If you convey emotion and imply a narrative in your ad, so much the better.

Adwords Advertising - How To Increase Your Quality Score In 4 Easy Steps

Google Adwords' Quality Score has often been a mystery to many online marketers. But many Adwords experts agree that there are 3 main components to achieving a high Quality Score and lowering your minimum cost per click - your ad copy, your clickthrough rates (CTR) and your landing page copy.

Here are 4 easy steps you can take to boost your Quality Score and get lower minimum costs per click:

1. Include Your Keywords In Your Ad Copy

Having your keywords in your ad title and body copy is one of the keys to writing a relevant ad. Also, this simple act makes your keywords bolded and gives it more prominence among the listings, improving your CTR and lowering your costs per click. It's a 'vicious' cycle!

2. Include Your Keywords In Your URL

Include your keywords in your URL. Again, this has been proven to increase CTR and that is one of the strongest determinants of a good Quality Score - the clickthrough rates.

3. Increase Your Clickthrough Rates By Split-Testing Your Ad Copy

Write 2 different ads and have them rotate evenly. You can do this under your Campaign options. Doing this will allow to see which ad is performing better and getting a better clickthrough rate. Always create new ads to test against your 'control' ad, or your current best performing ad.

4. Include Your Keywords On Your Landing Page

Landing page relevancy is another important factor of Quality Score. Having your keywords on your landing page indicates relevancy and it allows you to pay lower costs per click.

Friday, April 25, 2008

5 Ways To Improve Your Adsense Earnings

A great way for webmasters to monetize their website is through Google AdSense. Many webmaster struggle hard to earn some good money through their sites, day by day. But then some of the "geniuses" among them are enjoying hundreds of dollars from Google AdSense ads on their websites and blogs. What sets these webmasters apart from other webmasters is that they think out of the box.

Those who have done it and are still doing it as we speak have quite a few useful tips to help those who would want to venture into this field. Some of these tips have boosted website earnings through AdSense quite alot in the past and continue to deliver results.

Here are the 5 most basic proven ways on how to best optimise your Google AdSense earnings:

TIP #1 - The AdSense Format

The one format that has work very well for me in the past, and still delivers today, is the so-called Large Rectangle (336x280). This format has resulted in higher click through rates (or CTR). Meaning more visitors out of 100 visitors click on my adsense ads. The reason for this format outperforming other formats is that the links in this format look more like web links than ad links. Alot of people tend to avoid clicking on ads when they spot them. Choosing this format helps in making your audience 'ad-blind'.

I've also had good results with the Medium Rectangle (300x250) in some occasions. Open your adsense account and have a look at the format. It resembles the Large Rectangle format. Your best bet is to test the two and see which one outperforms the other on your site. I suggest to test both for at least a week.

TIP #2 - Custom Color Palette

Create a custom color palette to match the main colors of your site. You will see tremendous increase in adsense earnings if you make your adsense ads look exactly like the standard web links on your site. If your links are blue, make the adsense links blue. If the background is white, make the background as well as the border of your adsense ad white too. Your ad will look as if it is part of your site and will not look like a block of ads people avoid.

Here's another color tip. Use it if you understand what I mean. I'll give an example. I have a site with several articles on it. All the articles have a green title and the text is grey. The links on the site are all blue. But, my visitors are really interested in the articles I got published. So what I did is change all my adsense color palettes on that site to green links with grey text. All the ads look like little previews of articles. I can't prove it, but my earnings increase by 400% on that site from then on. Again, not all sites are created equal... If you know what I mean.

TIP #3 - Adsense Position

What I recommend is that if you have adsense ads in the bottom of your site, remove them, or move them to the top. What you want is you want people to click. And if I tell you that most people are active "above the fold", meaning don't even bother to scroll down, than you want your ads to be in sight at all times. If your ads are at the bottom, move them to the top. Put them where people can see them quickly.

TIP #4 - Use channels

Channels help you in conducting a good analysis of the performance of ads. Use custom channels to check what web pages are making more money and which ones are obviously not doing so well. Custom channels can be used for conducting analysis on multiple aspects at the same time. Use this analysis for making changes to your adsense ads. Improving website content can also get you better results. If can get people interested in more, chances are high they will look for more resulting in a click on one of your adsense ads.

TIP #5 - Limit The Filters

Filters are useful for blocking ads that you do not want displayed on your website e.g. ads of competitors. You can filter out ads that you think are not paying you well by inserting the domain name of these ads in the "competitive ad filter" feature in your adsense account. However, too many filters can seriously limit your revenue earning potential from AdSense Ads. So, limit the use of filters to minimum.


These are some of the tips that have worked well for me on all of my sites. It's important to note that ads should serve as a beneficial part for your visitors. People are looking for good info. If you give them good info they will surely want more. If not your visitors will leave. Ads are displayed because it fits the interest of the visitors viewing them. Focusing on a specific topic should be your primary purpose because the displays will be especially targeted on a topic that persons will be viewing already.

I personally take these tips to hart whenever I place adsense code on a page. Not only does the ad block look right and look part of the site, the content is equally - if not the most - important part to increase adsense earnings. Now it is up to you. Implement these tips, test and see what works best using channels. If you act upon my tips I guarantee better results almost overnight!

Google AdSense A Win-Win For Advertisers and Webmasters

Google AdSense is a revenue generating program for webmasters and a marketing campaign for advertisers. Google serves as a bridge between the products and the customers. The business men who want to sell their products are searching for markets to advertise them. When their advertisements reach more people then they are likely to get more customers for their products. The webmasters who own websites are searching for opportunities to make money using their website. Google perfectly understands the need of both the ends and beautifully connects them by means of AdSense.

The business owners or advertisers in Google's perspective register their ads with Google AdSense ads. Google does some research on the ads and if the ads are found legal, then they will be published by Google in the websites whose owners are interested to place them. The advertisers pay Google for sending customers for their websites. Google pays a part of this money to all the webmasters who send their visitors to the advertiser's websites.

The advertisers must register for advertiser's account with AdSense. After approving the target website and the ads you can place the bid for the main keywords of your ads. The highest bidder wins the keywords. The bid is specified as the amount paid per click. When you compete for a hot keyword, you have to bid more. But when you bid for a more targeted but less liked keyword, you can win the bid for a lower amount.

The webmasters must register for an account with Google AdSense. After approving your website, Google will then crawl your website to find the main keywords to place relevant ads on your website. Although you can assist Google to place relevant ads by specifications and blocking you cannot decide exactly what ads will appear on your website. You will be paid when your visitor clicks on the ads and views the advertiser's website.

Google has strict privacy policy. The advertisers do not know on whose websites their ads are placed and the vice versa is also true. Google decides everything. If any illegal activity is found with the webmaster or advertiser Google has the right to deactivate the account. All your contacts regarding AdSense must be only with Google. If you find anything suspicious about your ads or website, you must report only to Google.

To be a part of Google AdSense program you must be atleast 18 years of age. When you apply for the program you have to fill in the application from correctly otherwise you will be disapproved by Google. Once disapproved, you can never get approval for the same website from Google. Google adds disapproved websites in a black list and you will be denied forever. Google does not allow any communications directly between the advertiser and the webmaster. Any illegal dealings are not allowed. Google AdSense does not guarantee the number of customers to the advertisers and doest not guarantee the revenue for webmasters. It all depends on your own ability and skills to attract visitors.

Fraudulent or computer generated clicks are not allowed by Google. Google AdSense comprises of a special team of members that watch all the websites registered with Google for any fraudulent activity. Google is very strict with its policies and you will be disapproved without any clarification if any illegal activity is found. Google never cheats the advertisers and you need to pay Google only if a valid click is generated out of your ads.

Google AdSense is a grate program that is beneficial to both advertisers and webmasters. If you are genuine and clean you will definitely love Google AdSense program. It is always a Win -Win for both the ends. So if you have a running website then you can surely monetize your website with AdSense to taste the passive income which does nit require any extra effort.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blend Your AdSense Ads With Your Website

The best way to monetize your website is to place the AdSense ads. You need not spend even a single dime to place the ads on your website. You need not ask the advertisers to get permission to place their ads in your website. You just need to apply for an account with Google AdSense and when your application is approved ads will be placed in your website. When your website visitor clicks on these ads you will be paid money.

Google gives you a few lines of JavaScript code to place in your webpage for displaying ads. You are not allowed to change anything in this code. The ad block will come with the tile ads by Google. Eventhough you are not allowed to edit the code Google gives you a way to alter the appearance of ads in your website. Everything is provided as a template and when you are done with editing, you can copy the new code and place it in your webpage.

To have success with AdSense you need to compel your visitors to click on the ads. When they click you will be paid. But you are not allowed to place lines like click these ads to instruct the viewers or encourage the viewers to click on the links. You have to place keyword rich articles focusing on the main theme of your website to get relevant ads that are likely to be clicked by the visitors.

The location of AdSense ads is a major factor influencing the click through rate (CTR). The best place is to place the ads on the top of the page. You can also place the ads in the right or left side but since the human reading is from left to right many ads are placed in the right side. Eventhough the ads are placed in right side of the webpage, sometimes they will be hidden because of long text and the reader has to scroll to view ads, which is undesirable. Never put your ads at the bottom of the page. It is very similar to hiding the ads. You need to put ads in those places that will catch the attention of the readers. You are allowed to place 3 ad blocks in a single page.

The layout of the ads should impress the viewers. Don't choose the banner layout as they will indicate to the users that what they are clicking are ads. Visitors must feel that they are clicking on links to get the information. To retain visitors in your website, you can set the AdSense ads such that the advertiser's website will open in a new window. The best layout is the large rectangle that has produced amazing results for many. You can also blend the ads with your contents by placing ads in the middle of the page.

The color theme of ads must match with the color of your website. They must compliment the look of the website. Don't use flashy colors for AdSense ads ad they will annoy the readers rather than attracting them. Somebody will like to match the color of the links and text of ads with the content so that they appear as an integral part of the website. Some may like to use colors to differentiate the ads from content but make sure that use specify complimentary colors. There is no fixed rule and you can design your website in your own way.

You get various tools with Google AdSense to alter the appearance of ads. You will also get statistics tool to monitor the different ads and you can choose the format that works well for your website. You have official Google blog to give tips and tricks to increase your AdSense revenue. You also have 24/7 customer support center of Google to answer all your queries regarding Google AdSense. Use all these tools wisely to generate endless income from your website.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What are Google AdSense Ads?

For those of you who are into network marketing, Internet marketing, and website online marketing businesses, you're probably very familiar with Google AdSense. For those of you who keep seeing "make money with Google" marketing advertising and other marketing techniques, AdSense is what it's all about.

Google adwords has developed a plan to market advertising by being partners with website owners. That's it in a nutshell, you make money by placing small ads on your website that are pertinent to your website and get paid every time someone clicks on them.

To be more technical, Google AdSense develops small contextual ads to be placed on websites with full authority from the website owner. The ads, created by publishers who are selling products or services are created using AdWords and are SEO optimized to create traffic to other websites.

These two programs, Google and AdWords run hand in hand. When you enter terms into a search engine such as Google, you will see sponsored ads along the side. Any time that you click on one of those small ads, someone is paying and someone is receiving money. This is where the words pay per click come from. Those who are advertising reap benefits by paying small fees to Google to have their ads place in appropriate areas.

These pay per click AdSense ads create profits for those website owners outside of their online business. Although the percentage of split between Google and the website owner is not well known we can use 50% as an example. If an advertising agency is paying Google $.20 per click, then when their ad gets clicked on throughout the Internet, Google would get $.10, and the website owner where the ad appears gets $.10 as well. This is for every click, and if you have website traffic, it's going to add up

So what kind of ads will be placed on your website, it only makes sense to Google to place pertinent ads on your website. There's no sense placing a horse medicine ad on a women's fashion website. So all of the ads are screened before they come to your site for pertinent, relative, unique content. This means that not only do you make attractive advertising links on your website, but can actually generate more traffic to your website because you have pertinent information.

Some advertising from AdSense plays better than others, this is because publishers bid on keywords and are willing to pay a certain amount of money for each one of them. How much money they're willing to bid is a bit of a trade secret, but you can bet that some of those AdWords are being paid for at $50 a click.

Now that you have the basics on what AdSense is all about, if you have traffic running through your website, you might as well make money. You can contact AdSense via a search engine search, or go direct to Google and follow a link. There's no sense in not optimizing your website for profits by using AdSense.

3 Tips to Make More Money from AdSense

AdSense can be an exciting way to make money from your website or blog, because it takes very little effort on your part. You essentially just "set it and forget it", and let AdSense do all the work while you focus on creating great content for your readers. But are you making as much money as possible from your ads? If not, here are some tips to help you make more money with AdSense.
you must alway get tips to increase your adsense revenue

The first tip is to place your AdSense ads where they can be easily seen. If you want to make more money from AdSense, then you should carefully consider where you place your ads on your web page or blog. Many website owners simply put the ads along the top of the page; however, this is often not the best placement for your ads, because many people have become so used to seeing ads there, that their eyes automatically skip that part of the page.

Instead, you should place your ads somewhere where your readers' eyes naturally follow as they are reading your content. For example, you could place your ads in a sidebar on the right side of the page. In the English language and some other languages, people read from the left to the right side of the screen, so their eyes will be naturally drawn to the ads in the right sidebar. Of course, if you are writing in a language that reads from right to left, you would want to place the ads in a sidebar on the left instead.

Another option is to place the ads within your text - that is, between paragraphs or directly beside the text. This will make the ads more visible to your readers, so you will get more clicks and make more money from AdSense. The second tip to make more money from AdSense is to make sure your ads are well integrated into your web pages. You don't have to make your ad text and link colors the same as the rest of your site - in fact, this can sometimes make your ads less visible - but you do want to make sure the appearance of your ads makes sense within the design of the rest of your site.

Your text and link colors should at least compliment your web site design. Otherwise, your site will look unprofessional, and people will not want to visit the ad links.

The third tip to make more money from AdSense is to continually test variables of your pages and make adjustments when necessary. If you are not testing the placement, number, and color of your AdSense ads, you are potentially leaving money on the table.

Testing is one of the most important ways to optimize your income, and can make the difference between earning a few dollars a month and earning a full time income from AdSense.

5 Useful Tips To Increase Google AdSense Revenue

As you know the way to earn extra income online is with google adsense. Many webmasters and writer have joined this program but earning very low income from AdSense. 99% of AdSense Publisher is earning less than $ 10 per month, this is the fact and every body are trying to increase their AdSense Revenue by one or another way. Many experts are in this field, are ready to open their experiences to increase the AdSense earnings. It is true that AdSense revenue can't be increase by instant in 1 day or to day only.. This requires your dedication some time period.

During the research of AdSense Revenue increasing method, I found some simple but most useful tips, which might help you to increase your Google AdSense revenue. You can add more tips, if you have, by comments.

01)Show your Ads at top of the page:-
Put your block of Ads at top of the page, when ever any one visit your page, they can see the Ads easily and if some thing finds of their interest, they might click on Ads. Do not try to hide your Ads. Put one block of Ads at top left and one at bottom of article. This way you can attract attention of your visitor towards the Ads.

02)Blend the Ads with content:-
This the fact, that no one like to click on the matter which looks like Ads. You should have to blend your Ads with content so, it look like the part of content. What I think, people don't mind to click the Ads which are the part of content. By doing this you will increase the value of your Ads in the mind of visitors.

03)Use large rectangle:-
Google AdSense allows you to choose different Ads format. Mostly publisher use the leader board (728x90) or wide skyscraper (160x600) style Ads format. This format mostly look like Advertisment, any wise visitor will know at first look to your page. Try large rectangle (336x280) at top left on your page. This will increase your clicks.large rectangle and leader boad is the best one.

04)Remove the border:-
If you use your AdSense Ads in a border, that will highlight the Ads but same time it shows that these are Ads and not the part of content. Your AdSense revenue will increase if you remove the border of your Ads and show it as the part of page. Don't use odd colour and fonts of Ads.

05)Don't populate your page by Ads:-
People will search on internet for the useful information, not for the Ads. Your first intention must, to give valuable information to your visitor. If people like your article, they will spend more time on your page and if your page look clean & neat, the Ads will highlighted very well, hence there are chances of more clicks. Put one block at top left, one at bottom left and one link Ads at bottom of post. That is more than sufficient.

There are some other technique to increase Google AdSense Revenue, but keep in mind that, these technique will produce different result from publisher to publisher. You have to be always in experimental with AdSense.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Conversion Tracking - Must for Google AdWords Optimization

Google has been ruling the online marketplace; as testified by sheer volumes of search queries processed on the search engine everyday. Almost every web business caters to this website (and its numerous features) to better its prospects of driving traffic and earning profits.

AdWords, Google's Pay per Click advertising programme, has been touted as one of the most effective and successful ones in this field. It has features that ensure ease of operations for advertisers, irrespective of their knowledge of the domain. Conversion tracking is one such feature associated with AdWords.

In lay terms, it is the process of tracking conversions that are generated through your adverts placed on Google's sponsored sections. Conversion, on its part, happens only when a visitor clicks on your ad and eventually fosters a transaction on your website. The web page that describes a call-to-action phrase and entices users to 'convert' is known as the conversion page.

Each advertiser has a different way of denoting conversions for his business. For some it could be a lead or sale; whereas, for others it could be a sign-up or page view. However, every optimiser depends on the conversion tracking service to figure out the effectiveness of keywords or adverts used in his paid search marketing campaign.

The whole process of tracking is conducted with the help of algorithms designed by the search engine itself. Every time a user clicks on your PPC ad, a cookie is placed on his computer. As soon as he reaches your conversion page, the cookie is connected to that page.

By keeping a tab on this cookie, Google manages to track the activities of the user on your site. And, as soon as he completes the required transaction, Google records a conversion. Usually, these cookies expire in 30 days' time. Therefore, as an advertiser, you have to employ sound strategies for AdWords Google optimization in order to retain users and attain a high rate of conversions within that span of time.

You can ask Google to send the conversion tracking reports of your account through email or in a printable form. The only prerequisite here is an ongoing account with AdWords.

Google's Clicks in SEO

Google introduced AdWords as their innovative advertisement programme in 2000 and currently the AdWord division of Google is headquartered at Ann Arbor in Michigan.

Ever since its introduction it has been acting as a major source of income for Google. Google provides opportunities to deliver measurable, cost effective advertisement through their AdWords programme.

The Google's AdWords is the largest of its kind and is of international nature. The AdWord clicks concentrate on speed, efficiency, accuracy, objectivity and ease of use. AdWords has provisions for text as well as slogan and image advertisements. Usually these advertisements are precise, to the point, colorful and eye-catching. They come with a head line and have one or two short sentences about their textual content.

Google AdWords follows the pay per click policy. According to this technology an advertiser will only have to pay if an interested user clicks on the advertisement displayed after a search, that is, the advertiser will have to pay for every click on his advertisement.

Google AdWords indulges in site-specific advertising technology. This enables the advertisers to reap maximum exposure for their advertisements among the targeted sector by placing their advertisements in sites, which are related to the subject.

All the AdWords advertisements are naturally displayed in &

These advertisements are other wise known as sponsored links. Google depends upon the quality score to determine the bid rate of a customer. Quality score is determined on the basis of the AdWord advertisement and the keywords provided by the advertiser.

Key words form the very essence and soul of the AdWord advertising, as users tend to search for various related products or services on the basis of these key terms.

Google does also have provisions to safe guard their AdWord service from frauds, deceptions and irregularities. Click frauds or invalid clicks are wide spread and common. Click frauds usually pertain to invalid clicks that are artificially produced through deceptive methods. These frauds are usually resorted to for increasing the advertisers cost or for the multiple gains of the publisher.

The various sources of invalid clicks may be classified under the following heads:

Generated through

  • Manual clicks
  • Automated clicks
  • Use of robots
  • Resorting to deceptive software

Google has resorted to various measures for safeguarding Ad words from frauds. Google has come up with a technology that automatically verifies the authenticity of every click and even has provisions to filter out and remove the fraud clicks. Google comes up with a very efficient and powerful mechanism to fight the click frauds.

Google stresses on the importance of adhering to their terms and conditions while providing their AdWord services. Also they have the right to disable an account if it does not comply with the policies and terms of Google.

Beating AdWords - Three HUGE Mistakes 95% of Affiliate Marketers Make

Let me share with you three big mistakes 95% of affiliate marketers are making in their google adwords campaigns.

Mistake #1 Forgetting to turn off the content network.
So why is this important? Well you do not want traffic coming to you from pages with Google adsense on them. Why? Well you're going to receive a lot of irrelevant traffic from these sites and quite often these pages are infested with click fraud.You may think that this reduces the amount of revenue you can generate from your campaign but in my experience it really doesn't.

So how do you turn the content network off?

Just log into your Adwords account, click on your campaign, then click the "Edit Campaign Settings" button. On the right of the screen remove the check mark in the "Content Network"box. You can leave "Google Search" and "Search Network" checked. It's as simple as that.

Mistake #2 Duplicate URLs
You are not allowed to have multiple instances of the same URL under the same keywords within their paid search results. If you are advertising the same url as another advertiser, only one ad will be displayed. When entering a new market you may find someone else already advertising the url that you want to.

So how do you overcome this?

Well you can raise your CPC and outbid the competitor, or create a landing page within your own website. You may well find you have a much better conversion rate using a landing page anyway.

Mistake #3 Split testing overload
While split testing ads to find out which ones work best is essential to beating adwords,too many affiliate marketers go overboard and run too many ads for an adgroup,making it difficult to determine which ads are the best performing.

So what's the best split testing technique for beating adwords?

Just use two ads for split testing find which one of the two performs best then eliminate the other one. You don't stop there however you bring in another ad to step up to the plate and see if it can outperform the reigning champ and so on.

Check your current campaigns and find out if you made these three mistakes.Maybe that is why adwords is beating you not you beating adwords.

Google AdSense Websites - Make Passive Income Without Any Clicks

My title is a pretty amazing title! Just how can your make an ad sense with ,AdSense websites make you a ton of money "Before" you get any clicks? No, Google has not changed it's terms of service overnight and is now paying for ad views rather than ad clicks
A hot new program has launched that you can incorporate into your AdSense websites to ensure you 'Will" be making money before anyone clicks on one of your AdSense ads. That means you no longer have to wait until someone is bothered or motivated enough to click out before you can get some money in the bank. And making money, isn't that the whole reason you made an AdSense website in the first place?

This new feature that you can add to your website is a simple 5 second audio ad that plays automatically as a visitor enters your website and then shuts down just as quick as it started. It is so short it is being classed as unobtrusive however you can reap the rewards from those 5 seconds in the way of cold hard cash.

If this is the first time you have heard about this amazing new program called Pay Per Play then consider it to the first of many. Google AdSense money is going to become an advertiser in the shadows, as Pay Per Play takes centre stage for 2008. It has already muscled it's way into a position where almost every second a new member is signing up. Considering the following AdSense attracted with it's offer of no profits without clicks, just imagine how large the following is going to be for a program that pays for every visitor.

If you have websites, are always looking to increase your profits and like to be a couple steps ahead of the game then Pay Per Play is something you want to be checking out right now.

Google Money Pro Review - Get Rich Using Google AdWords

Steven Holdaway makes $160,000 every single month without a website, without having a website, and he does everything just by using Google AdWords. do you believe make big money with google adwords

Would you want to earn that kind of money? You are probably jealous, aren't you? Well, I can tell you that YOU can earn that much as well.

Mr Holdaway can show you how he exactly does that, with screenshots, his actual campaigns and even video tutorials.

I was actually impressed when I bought Google Money Pro. It's well organized and has a lot of quality information.

You will learn by using step-by-step instructions how to earn thousands of dollars online with AdWords, and also you be given the following:

- Free money-making website. You can promote multiple website, and no programming skills are required.

- Access to Google Money Pro forum. Get help from Steven Holdaway directly, and from other experienced members of the forum.

- Unlimited lifetime support.

- Free updates for life. Get the latest tips and tricks of AdWords, and stay ahead of your competitors.

Steven Holdaway is a certified AdWords professional, which means that he knows, basically, almost everything about Google AdWords. AdWords professionals usually ask to pay hundreds of dollars an hour for their help, but Steven will only ask you to pay one-time fee for his amazing ebook.

Google Money Pro will be useful to both beginners and advanced AdWords advertisers. Together with basic instructions on how to sign up with AdWords, there are also smart techniques on how to improve your campaigns, lower CPC and maximize your ROI.

I would recommend all AdWords users to have a look at Google Money Pro, because I personally believe that it's one of top AdWords ebooks.

Make Money With Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the Pay Per Click service hosted by Google inc, which offers advertisers an opportunity to display their ads on various affiliate websites linked through Google's AdSense program. The ads appear on the right side of the Google Search page on keywords / key phrases that you typed in.

One of the simplest ways to make money online is to use Google AdWords to market products for which you are an affiliate.

Google AdWords is a fantastic medium for promoting your business. However, it's also an easy way to burn through a pile of marketing cash. One of the best kept secrets in today's affiliate marketing world is the pay per click advertising version with Google AdWords.

It is worth a mention at this point as there are millions who use them and know their importance. The users of Google AdWords know that they will get listed at the top page (sponsored listing) for the specified keywords. But they do not estimate the sales that they will make. They can easily do it in a month and then change their bid amount to be paying less in advertising on Google. Getting listed in the top page doesn't necessarily mean business.

Google Pay per Click (Google AdWords) when done correctly, will give you the best return on your money compared to other online advertising options.

It users need to optimize their campaign and make improvisations accordingly. It is very important to define clear goals of PPC advertising and also manage the account with the right keywords, targeting options and also the most appealing advertisements.

Combining the power of Google's AdWords with the resources of an affiliate network such as Click Bank provides you with a potentially massive earning powerhouse. Whilst AdWords allows you to access 100 million people in less than 10 minutes and is therefore probably the best internet marketing tool available.

AdWords is Google's flagship advertising product and main source of revenue. AdWords offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and site-targeted advertising for both text and banner ads.

AdWords is, hands down, the fastest way to bring new customers to a cash-hungry business. It allows advertisers to place small ads on websites or on search result pages. Advertisers specify the words that should trigger their ads and the maximum amount they are willing to pay per click. This program includes local, national, and international distribution.

Pay-per-click advertising allows you to easily target test and expand programs according to results, which are easily tracked.

The most compelling benefit of pay-per-click marketing is that you only pay when someone visits your site as a direct click from an online campaign or listing.

Internet marketing deploys banner ads, directory and link programs and pay-per-click Internet advertising programs like Google AdWords to help you reach specific audiences in a powerful, cost-effective and measurable manner.

Affiliate marketing is a web-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliates marketing efforts.

Promoting Affiliate Programs Use Google AdWords

Pay per click is the biggest thing in the internet advertising world. While big businesses are receiving the largest benefit from this new trend, some home based business and other affiliate programs are beginning to find some benefits in this marketing tool.

What pay per click programs who adsense program is the biggest player provide is a way for you get atop of various search engines using specific keywords. You will bid on certain keywords. The highest bidder gets the top spot, with the next 3-5 bidders getting other key location, which are suppose to result in higher exposure for their web site.

Google AdWords provides even more options. With Google AdWords, you are provided with a vast number of campaigns your can conduct after signing up for the program. To be successful with this new tool you need to make sure that you have complete your research and have developed a good set of key words or key phrases. Once you are sure that you have the ones that will work for you it is time to open your AdWords account. Here is how you can do that:

1. Go to, and sign up and get your username and password.

2. Log into the system and begin creating your first campaign. Now you can log into the system and select "create a new campaign".

3. Before you begin with your campaign read Google's guidelines. You will need to notify Google if you are promoting an affiliate program by placing an "aff" at the end of your ad.

Consider the following:

a. Keep your ad focused on your target audience. Place your keyword or keyword phrase within the headline of your ad.

b. Make sure that your keyword or keyword phrase can be found in your ad.

c. To promote your affiliate program, always ensure that the links to the owner's website are working properly and is your own affiliate link. You want to make sure that you get credit for your work and this is the only way to ensure this will happen.

Once you have completed all these steps and feel that you are ready, it is time to submit your ad and let it start to work for you. You must remember to start tracking your results to find out if the ad is working they way that you had hoped. If this is not the case, you can always make what changes you feel are appropriate in order to increase your ads effectiveness. AdWords does allow some flexibility within certain Google guideline in order to make your campaign a success. This is why it is important to know what is allowed.

The pay per click policies are now here to stay and you will want to learn how to work them into your program if you want to be successful. With proper vision and management of your campaign, and maybe a little help from Google AdWords, you can create a well targeted and economical marketing campaign for your business.

How Do You Have A Better CTR?

If you use Google AdSense for a while and your feel you don't make as much money as you want in 99% you have right. Many people are angry because they don't generate the expected profit, because there is a close connection between traffic, CTR and adsense ads related. But there are some tips or some optimization to transform existent traffic in Google AdSense traffic. if you can drive massive traffic to your site you almost make money online with adsense

At first you have to find out what keywords contain your site. This is a SEO (search engine optimization) base technique and a good tool is SEO Density Analyzer. Then with this keyword list do a search on Overture Search Inventory or Google AdWords Sandbox and find out if this keywords or other keywords should work better. Try to include the best keywords in the links from your site.

There is very important to create new pages on your site continuously, because when you have more pages, you have more chance for more clicks. Because the more content you have, the more visitors you get. The next thing you should do is the selection of the best size and adequate place for Google Ads, the most used three sizes for ads are: header or footer -729x90, large rectangles -336x280, and medium rectangle -300x250.

Be careful when you chose the color of your ads, because if the color of the ads differ more from the color of the site your visitors will see that i an advertise and they don't click. When creating your Google AdSense ads it is recommended to use the color scheme and style of your website so that the ads blend in well. Ads without background color and borders perform better than ads within borders with background color.

The situation of the ads is very important, that why you should put the ads in a place where will produce more clicks. Therefore, the best place to put your ads is in the top left part of your page or directly under your headlines.

it's all depend on you how to monetize your website

Friday, April 11, 2008

How to Monetize Your Website Without Google's AdSense

If you've been using the Internet for any length of time, you've no doubt heard the term "contextual" marketing or contextual advertising. But what exactly is contextual marketing? Well, a prime example of contextual marketing would be Google AdSense - those little ads that can be ad sense, you see running on so many websites these days, almost all web publisher use google adsense as their tool to make money online. The problem with AdSense however is that it places intrusive advertising on your website, which is a huge turn-off for many people.

However, there is a better, less intrusive way of utilizing contextual marketing. What is it? Instead of monetizing your website with advertising, try placing targeted product links at the phrase end of relevant content.
For example, if your website or blog has published an article on how to make money with adsense, having a direct link at the end of the article that gives readers the opportunity to purchase a
making online product,
adsense tool,
ebook of adsense,
adsense software,
adsense sites
ebook of adsense secret
adsense tips
adsense website
or other marketing product
that is closely related to the topic of the article would be contextual marketing or contextual advertising.

This method of marketing can be particularly effective if you own a content site. Why? Because according to the statistics I've read, content sites receive 90% of all Internet traffic.that's why that is very important for us to write a good content if we are making money online even with adsense or not. That means having a content site provides you with an outstanding opportunity to generate additional revenue from your website without alienating your visitors with AdSense ads. And even if you don't own your own products, you can still utilize this method of marketing by linking your articles to affiliate products and earn money or make money online that way.

The key to making money online with this method of marketing is to write a compelling, benefit-laden link that makes the reader want to click on it for more information.
For example, suppose your marketing article was about writing effective headlines. You'd want your link to read something like this:"Learn How To Instantly Create Magical site That Make Money with adsense! Click here.
The whole concept behind contextual marketing is to snare the impulse buyer. And it makes perfect sense too, because if someone is interested in reading about a particular topic, there is a good chance that he would be interested in purchasing a product related to that topic.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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