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Adsense Tricks for newbie

Adsense trick for newbie, sure i'm newbie. my earning in adsense just can buy candy for my son, but it's ok. for me it's fun playing adsense. cause when you're sleeping. you money machine working for you. it's right? now i'll givee you some adsense trick that i got it from webmaster.
Learning Adsense tricks should be mastered by every site owner. For beginners, this task is important, since this goal would help in building a website. Besides, most people outgrow the fancy of creating sites and instead build sites for money, thus they could choose between a single site for big profit or a hundred sites for a dollar gain.adsense really great affiliate marketing

Once the person has decided on the kind of website he wants, it's time to apply Adsense. Apart from its importance during at the start of the site's creation, Google Adsense ad could also be used once the site starts to receive high traffic. The first thing to do when applying Adsense is to get high hit keywords which are the ones to bring more profit to your site. But after sometime, an evaluation of keywords must be performed, since some keywords don't really earn anything and just clog traffic and space in the website. Thus, these keywords must be removed to prevent jeopardizing the site.

Another of the Adsense tricks concerns the location and sizes of the ads. Google advises that ads be placed both at the center and left portion of the web page, since these are the spots where ads are easily noticed. Ads also are visibly better if they come in sizes such as large rectangle 336×280, inline rectangle 300×250, or wide skyscraper 160×600.

Other useful Adsense tricks involve putting generic images on top of the ad to attract visitors and possibly, linking with other sites to generate more income. it's working, i've tried it with my other adsense blog.

Online Money Making with Combined affiliate marketing

Online money making opportunities are now available with the tremendous growth of internet. The basic knowledge of computer and internet and your interest in the field can earn you more money. If you have the ability to use the internet wisely, you can sit in your pajamas and watch cash flowing to your bank accounts. The idea of personal websites is now decreasing. More and more people are now using their websites to make money. The blogs which were primarily used as online dairy are now used as a means to make money for those who don't own a website.But You must Monetized your sited

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very popular online business nowadays. You don't need to manufacture a product to sell. The merchant will give you his products and your only job is to promote the products. The merchant will then pay you based on your agreement. If you have agreed to promote your product with a merchant, you are called an affiliate. You don't actually need to be a business magnet to succeed in this type of online business.
Earn More With Affiliate Marketing Combined With Google AdSense

Affiliate marketing is a win-win for both merchants and affiliates. The merchants need not find companies and pay them to promote their products. They just need affiliates who can do the promotion. Based on the agreement they can pay their affiliates. A company can have as many affiliates as it can manage. There is no limit on the promotion power of affiliates and as the company has more affiliates then it is sure to reach many people.

The affiliates just need to own a website or even a blog is sufficient. The affiliates must place the ads of the merchant's products in their website. When the affiliate sends a visitor to the merchant's website, the affiliate id is tracked using the special affiliate URL. The affiliate is then paid by the merchant either on pay per click or par per lead or pay per sale basis. Affiliates like pay per click basis while most merchants provide payments on the rest two bases.

To generate more from affiliate marketing, the affiliate must know tricks to attract traffic to his site. Since people visiting your site will have a similar interest, they will mostly visit the merchant's site if the product will really be of use for them.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a modified way of affiliate marketing. Here Google acts as an intermediate between the merchants and the affiliates. The merchants will pay Google and Google will inturn pay the affiliates. There will be no direct contacts between the merchants and the affiliates in Google AdSense program.

In fact the merchants will never know where their ads are displayed. The affiliate will also not know whose advertisements will be placed on their site. Though the ads in the affiliate website will match the content, the affiliate cannot decide which ads to display. Google crawler will gather information about the contents in the affiliate website and decide what ads are to be placed. You may also get different ads each time when the page is loaded.

Google pays the affiliates on a pay per click bases. When somebody who visits your site clicks on ads placed by Google in your site, you will be paid. The amount of money depends purely on how much money the advertiser is ready to pay. Google will take its own share and pays the rest of money to its affiliates like you. When your website centers on a highly wanted keyword your share may become less as you will have many affiliates with same interest. But it all depends on the theme of your website.

The merchants also like AdSense program as they need to pay Google when some valid visitor visits their site. Google AdSense program is a massive hit as the merchants use it for reaching customers across different geographic locations and as affiliates are getting money just for sending visitors.

The combined power

If you have a website that you use for affiliate marketing, you can use the same for Google AdSense. Will you deny that extra money you will be getting with no effort? When your application is approved by Google for placing its ads, you will be provided with a JavaScript code to place in your website. You are not allowed to alter this code but you can choose from various templates that Google provides for its AdSense affiliates. When you have AdSense ads in your affiliate marketing site, apart from generating cash from the products you sell through your site, you can also convert the cheap clicks to real cash. Today more people are into affiliate business and all of them are using AdSense in their website. After all we all are searching for profits online and the combination of affiliate marketing and AdSense can bring you good money and you only need to attract traffic to your website to generate the most wanted money.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Is Your Site Monetized ?

Is your site as monetized as it could be? Are you using all the tools at your disposal? Are you squeezing as much profit from your efforts as you can? Chances are that you are missing one or more way to generate an income from your site. This is a list of 5 of the most commonly used ad networks and affiliate programs that I use in each and ever one of my sites. At present, there are over 130 different ad networks but I believe these to be the best.

A couple of my sites I use ALL 5 programs but as you will find out, some of the programs will not work on some types of sites.

1. Google Affiliate Program: This is one that everyone SHOULD know and use. Pretty straight forward and definitely a MUST for most sites. It places simple text and image ads on your blog that are targeted to the content of the page. So as your content changes from post to post, so do the ads.

2. Text Link Ads: This one underlines certain words in your post and when you click on the word it brings you to a sales page. If the visitor purchases, you get paid the commission for it. The visitor does not even have to be a member of your list to do this. This is similar to AdWords where the advertiser pays per click. Being just an underline on the word in the post, the visitor to your site is not bothered with advertisements so this is one of the less obtrusive forms of monetizing your site.

3. Kontera ContentLink: This one is similar to Text Link Ads in that it just underlines certain words in your text but with this one, when you mouse over the word, a small popup emerges from the word containing an advertisement associated with that word.

4. Deal Dot Com: This is a two-tier affiliate program. First tier (the ones who sign up under you) nets you a whopping 35% and second tier (the ones who sign up under your first tier) lands you a modest 15%. What is nice about this program is that it is FOREVER!!! No matter if your first or second tier buy something today, tomorrow or 100 years from now, when they buy, you get paid. NICE!

5. Bidvertiser: This one is similar to Google AdSense in that it is a CPC ad network. The main difference is that the payout level is a low $10.

All of these programs are easy to implement so you would be able to start making money with them today!

As I mentioned, there are over 130 of these types of programs, so don't limit your site to just Google AdSense. Make the most of it and try to squeeze as much income from each and every site you have.

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