Friday, May 30, 2008

How To Maximize Your AdSense Income

First let's dispel the myth that AdSense is not Dead! Not by a long shot. As a matter of fact the opportunities are constantly expanding into more ways to gain a sizeable income by using Google's AdSense. AdSense by definition is a potential revenue tools, that you can incorporate into the blank or unused portions of your webpages and you just make money online with adsense .

google AdSense has proven to be the best in show, if you will, for several years running with regard to it's income capabilities with no purchased required by it's visitors. You see, the mere clicking on the ads by your visitors will generate income to you, for providing advertisers a window to display their ads. Google charges the advertisers for their ads, and then shares it's revenue with you the displayer of the advertisements. It's a win/win for both you and Google, plus the advertisers are getting a great means of displaying their ads.

Before we go any further, don't get any wild ideas that you can click on your own displayed ads on your webpages. This will get you banned in a New York second, and there is no way to ever participate in Google's AdSense Program ever again. Google has ways of tracking where you are geographically, by IP address, and by sign on from a remote pc, so if you think that you can undermine their ability to track you and what you may be doing to your ad space, you are sadly mistaken. Hopefully you have been adequately warned this is to good an opportunity to jeopardize it's potential for you.

Many of your friends or online acquaintances may not have fared well with Google's AdSense and that's to be expected if they have merely signed up for AdSense and plopped a few ads on their website. Anything worth doing is worth doing right and AdSense is no exception. Let's dig into what you need to know to reap larger more substantial financial rewards with AdSense.

The easiest way to understand what ad type and ad location on your webpages will produce the best return for your time and space, is to begin to think like a visitor to your website. Placing ads from AdSense should blend into your website's color theme. This gives your visitors the thinking that the ads were design as a part of your webpages.

Placing AdSense ads above the 'fold' means the top half of your webpage, before a visitor has the opportunity to scroll down the page. This is what we call, 'first impression'. Since Google automatically matches their ads to your website's content, you can move on to better placement and focus on the best spots on your website. If your visitors were already looking for bass fishing lures, as soon as they get to your webpage, give them a good dose of bass fishing lure ads.

Deciding on type ads or image ads can be a tough call to make, but this depends a great deal on your website's subject matter, so do some testing with text ads and image ads. We recommend running text and image ads separately and then choose the format you get the best return for.

Location, location, location is a true online as it is in the real world of real estate. The time you invest in your AdSense ads is as critical as anything done right. So above the fold ads work best and the other factors include not placing too many ads on one page. When it comes to AdSense ads, less is definitely better. You will receive much more expensive and quality links appearing on your pages, if you run fewer ads than the maximum number of ads.

Choosing top paying ad subjects, is also a key factor in maximizing your ad revenue potential, again, do your homework and you'll do better with your income. Keep in mind that a known, high paying keyword , doesn't always produce the best income results. If you do a little homework and discover other subjects may pay less per click but more in volume.

Diversifying your webpage topics can also boost your website's income. There is no better way to boost your AdSense income than to diversify by creating webpages with different topics. For example; some days more people will be more prone to search for different subject matter than they did the day before or the day after. This allows you to have more revenue avenues than you may already have and by keeping up with current events makes it a sweeter income total from your AdSense revenue.

Website traffic is the true bottomline to your AdSense income, the more traffic you generate, the more income with adsense. In order to honestly boost your website traffic, you need to give into writing articles. I know this is a dreaded task, but to stay fresh and current you need to do this in order to drive targeted traffic to your webpages. If writing is not your cup of tea or you get brain lock, as can often happen, you can hire a ghost writer for your content or just re-write a similar article you've written in a different wording. Please do not plagiarize someone else's articles, this will cause you more harm than not eventually.

Lastly, where to get the best response to your articles. There are many article directories, but the ones I've found to do the best is and It usually takes a full day to get your articles published due to their overwhelming use by writers, but if it works, that's where the smart writers will go. One final tools for traffic is at, there you can merely type up a small ad for your wares and get two things going for you at one time. You can get traffic you are after and an outside link to your site that usually carries a high PR rated link back to your site.
you must be smart to make money online with adsense.
not be hard working but working smart do get big adsene revenue.

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