Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Success with adsense -lesson 2

After you are done choosing the right format and location for your AdSense ads, this is the next step to success withs adsense don’t sit back and wait for the money to roll in just yet.
The next important step is to choose the right keywords for your web pages.
to do this you must Researching Keyword
These will influence both whovisits your site, and how AdSense assigns ads to you.
The number one mistake most website publishers make is to constantly choose
high-paying (i.e. expensive!) keywords assuming that it will yield them more
income. While it is tempting to choose such keywords to get higher rankings on
search engines, be prudent when it comes to selecting the right keywords that go
with the AdSense ads that are to be displayed.. Remember the goal here is
clicks, not SEO rankings. This is a case where you often do not get what you pay for.

Consider this scenario.
Your webpage talks about wine tasting courses.
You review search phrases and keywords with “wine” in it and you find “wine rack” is
in the top three and available, so you buy it. The corresponding ads also focus on
buying wine racks online, wine storage and building your own wine racks. After a
week when you check on the statistics of your webpage and AdSense account,
you see that you are losing visitors and your income is dipping! The keyword
selection is faulty in this case even though it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Why? The visitors to your webpage were actually looking for wine racks and
have landed on your webpage talking about wine tasting courses instead. The
wine course types want to sign up for the courses, maybe buy a book on wine, or
a wine of the month club. They don’t want to build a wine rack. Think
strategically, not tactically.

Just because a keyword is high paying and is seemingly related, does not mean
it is totally relevant and you need something relevant. Relevance is more
important than value! In the above case, you could have – and should have –
chosen wine tasting tour, wine tasting party, wine tasting event, wine tasting
class, wine tasting school, course tasting wine and so on. You are interested in
relevance more than popularity. Tasting is a match. Racks are not.

Let’s look at some of the ways in which you can research your keywords for
AdSense ads:
• You can check out the popularity of various keywords if you already have
an account with Google AdWords. This way you will get an idea of the
popularity of various keywords as well as the cost and returns that entail.
Google AdWords also has a tool known as the AdWords Keywords Tool
which can sometimes help you search for alternate keywords and
• Another tool known as Keyword Analyzer can generate numerous key
phrases that are typed by Internet users in different search engines.
• Consider getting a WordTracker account. They have an excellent tool that
suggests top 1,000 most popular keywords. This tool can also help you
create a list of relevant keywords for your webpage. You can learn a lot
from a small investment here.
• Another great idea is to search for top 100 keywords on 7search which will
give you an idea of high-paying keywords.
Your clickthrough rate will be boosted tremendously by including the right
keywords in your web copy, of course. Keywords occurring in your ads are
usually highlighted on the search engine results page. This also helps in drawing
additional attention to your ad.

The URL of your webpage is also an integral part of achieving success on the Google AdSense program, as it is on the Web generally. Current wisdom holds that the keywords in the URL are equally if not more important than the ones featured in the actual webpage content or in metatags. If you change your ordinary URL to a keyword rich URL relevant to your market, it is possible to raise your CTR as much as 200% or more without doing anything else.
Obvious domain names with the keywords that you want might be expensive to
purchase from a broker, but you can also buy used domain names that are no
longer active, often for just a few dollars per year.

this is step 2 lesson to succses with adsense in next post i'll bring you to the lesson 3 and you'll knowhow to make money with adsense.

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Free Articles said...

this is a very well written piece. kudos.

i must say though that making money with adsense is just about the most difficult task i've ever set myself to. sigh

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