Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Relation Alexa rank, Page rank and Adsense

This is my personal experiences about relationship alexa rank, pagerank and adsense earning.after long time i'm not update this blog, now i feel the consequences.
since my last post about tips to increase adsense in december, i did not update this blog even just open this blog. And the result as you know, my alexa rank drop sharply, also my google pagerank it's effect to my adsense earning.
i'm not great webmaster, and i'll not teach you anything but i'll share my experiences during i run adsense program.
Many books, articles that i read about alexa rank and page rank is all just theory. The most important fact of all is consistency in updating your blog. after you read this article i hope you will realize that how important to regullary update your blog if you still want to make money online.
conclusion from my experience at the top is
1. alexarank and page rank go down that will make your adsense earning going down as well as reverse it.
2. Update your blog as often as it may
3. only update the blog only has a strength of 50% to increase PR
4.after commitment to you can update your blog regularly, then move to the other side, such as promotion, SEO, submit article, directory, join forum,etc

ok, i'll try sharing another topic. keep reading my article. i'll try my best to share it.

Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Programs

Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Programs (PPC) .Pay Per Click (PPC) is a big business. In fact PPC is Google's way early in the money, can be said almost all the revenue of Google, 98 percent comes from the PPC, the PPC is also the most important source of revenue for Yahoo!. PPC advertising has changed the model of the mass into a small business. A business that does not need to pay for radio, TV, or newspapers, when they spend this money to the PPC at any time and keep the profits!

Every time? On the fact PPC is not always successful for everyone, as you will understand in this paper. Keep up the accuracy of the combination of gross profit per sale, the price of PPC and website conversion rate. If penggabungannya not right, and many businesses that can not be mengkombinasi appropriately - PPC will only finance our spending. Try to be everything in terms of thought and the right, the PPC will bring business benefits that can flow to predict income.

The Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay Per Click advertising shows a mechanism in which the advertisers pay someone click on the ads. Specifically, at this time more on the PPC ads to appear in the search results page the search engine.

Each person clicks on one of these ads, the advertiser will be charged fees from these ads. How much? Ranging from 5 cents (on Google), or 10 cents (Yahoo!) To a few dollars. Some of the PPC ad worth $ 50 per click, sometimes even more!

PPC system because a large / giant usually "fill / feed" to the various types of website, when will buy ads through a system such as Google or Yahoo! Search Marketing Solution, your ad may end in a few different sites that search. But it might also ad that you have been distributed in other places, such as in a hundred pages from different websites, thanks to Google's AdSense program distribution.

The benefits of advertising with PPC:

1. PPC is very fast. Results can be seen on search engines in one or two days (theory, need only a few hours, but in some cases will need some time to achieve a fitting accuracy).
2. PPC can be trusted. Using PPC to get traffic to the site is very reliable. You can bring a lot of traffic, and always appear for each search still in the main search engines, if you pay enough.
3. PPC pengukurannya easy. You can view the amount of traffic that is established, and the view of the amount of traffic that turns to business.

PPC System
There are several PPC system, but there are only three largest, and less on the level underneath system / two levels:

* Google AdWords. Google AdWords system can be as the most popular PPC (http://www.adwords.google.com/). Since Google the only search engine most important, this system displays the millions of PPC ads each day.
* Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions (formerly Overture). This system is also large, and show millions of ads each day (www.overture.com/). Overture is the company that first issued a PPC-based search engine.
* MSN adCentre. MSNmerupakan online service owned by Microsoft, up to the mid-year 2006 MSN Ad Center PPC ad to get the material from Yahoo!. At this time they have built their own PPC system and stop using the ads from Yahoo! System "level two" includes services such as FindWhat (www.findwhat.com/), Looksmart (www.looksmart.com/), Enhance (www.enhance.com/) ePilot (www.epilot.com/), Espotting ( www.espotting.com) and Kanoodle (www.kanoodle.com/).

Also have the other. In fact, there are hundreds of PPC systems, but they weight less. For example, when you spend a lot of time to configure the system, the value is not comparable with the click teri class that will be obtained, because your time is valuable - they do a lot of kucurangan limitations in this, (you will get little or there is no traffic from them, but are required to pay the cost of setup that can not be returned. In essence, try to avoid the smaller PPC systems, and join the largest system level or both of them.

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