Thursday, April 17, 2008

What are Google AdSense Ads?

For those of you who are into network marketing, Internet marketing, and website online marketing businesses, you're probably very familiar with Google AdSense. For those of you who keep seeing "make money with Google" marketing advertising and other marketing techniques, AdSense is what it's all about.

Google adwords has developed a plan to market advertising by being partners with website owners. That's it in a nutshell, you make money by placing small ads on your website that are pertinent to your website and get paid every time someone clicks on them.

To be more technical, Google AdSense develops small contextual ads to be placed on websites with full authority from the website owner. The ads, created by publishers who are selling products or services are created using AdWords and are SEO optimized to create traffic to other websites.

These two programs, Google and AdWords run hand in hand. When you enter terms into a search engine such as Google, you will see sponsored ads along the side. Any time that you click on one of those small ads, someone is paying and someone is receiving money. This is where the words pay per click come from. Those who are advertising reap benefits by paying small fees to Google to have their ads place in appropriate areas.

These pay per click AdSense ads create profits for those website owners outside of their online business. Although the percentage of split between Google and the website owner is not well known we can use 50% as an example. If an advertising agency is paying Google $.20 per click, then when their ad gets clicked on throughout the Internet, Google would get $.10, and the website owner where the ad appears gets $.10 as well. This is for every click, and if you have website traffic, it's going to add up

So what kind of ads will be placed on your website, it only makes sense to Google to place pertinent ads on your website. There's no sense placing a horse medicine ad on a women's fashion website. So all of the ads are screened before they come to your site for pertinent, relative, unique content. This means that not only do you make attractive advertising links on your website, but can actually generate more traffic to your website because you have pertinent information.

Some advertising from AdSense plays better than others, this is because publishers bid on keywords and are willing to pay a certain amount of money for each one of them. How much money they're willing to bid is a bit of a trade secret, but you can bet that some of those AdWords are being paid for at $50 a click.

Now that you have the basics on what AdSense is all about, if you have traffic running through your website, you might as well make money. You can contact AdSense via a search engine search, or go direct to Google and follow a link. There's no sense in not optimizing your website for profits by using AdSense.

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