Monday, June 29, 2009

Seo important for make money with adsense

Seo is one of the most important thing that you should do, with out search engine optimization we couldn't get free traffic from search engine. here are 5 way to optimize you keyword. :

1. Keyword Selection for your website. Example Term: Hosting
The first step to successful SEO is always keyword research. Without it, you are like a bull in a china store. Bob and Jane are a loving couple who own a web hosting business and would like to do much better on google. Bob says they should optimize their site for the word "hosting" because According to Overture there are 1,426,822 searches bi-monthly for the word this word.

2. Use your selected keywords in your website.
Use your keyword to use anywhere you can. But don't let the keyword density get too high or your site may become over-optimized. 5% is usually okay. Use the keywords in tags, heading tags, etc...

3. Website Relationships
Like the loving couple Jane and Bob, your website needs a loving partner too. It's time to step away from the cheap "link building" campaigns. Google is now looking at how good a link is by calculating how long website visitors stay whilst at a link. It's time to start building solid business relationships with other websites.

4. Content is King:
Write relevant, interesting content for your website. Write some stories, articles, anything. Try for one new content page a week, more if you have time. Employ someone if you need to.

5. Use experts for your Hosting, SEO and Relationship building:
A wise entrepreneur once said that their key to success was to "ask questions". That means, don't be afraid to get help. Don't be afraid to use services that can get you to the top. The difficulty is that the Golden 5 steps can only get you so far. There are 1000's of factors that effect your website ranking.

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Buat Duit Online said...

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pete said...

Nice and informative post. TQ

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